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WELCOME TO Modern Travels

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we want to welcome you to Modern Travels. While nothing can replace thing on-the-lot experience.

We appreciate you taking the time today to visit our web site. Our goal is to give you car rental service . The search for a luxury car is filled with high expectations. Undoubtedly, that has a lot to do with the vehicles you are considering, but at Modern Travels, we think you should also have pretty high expectations for your needs.

 — Mohamed Saeed, President of Modern Travels

Modern Travels

Rent the vehicle that is right for your lifestyle.

Modern Travels is characterized by its distinctive prices, quality of service, and professional drivers trained at the highest level for customer service and how to deal with different nationalities. We provide the best prices for companies and individuals for long and short periods of time for different types of cars. Owns a distinguished fleet of the latest types of cars, models of the year 2021-2022. We have the best driver crew trained at the highest level of efficiency and good manners, and holders of accredited certificates in safe driving. Modern Travels is one of the largest limousine companies in Egypt. We provide you with a distinctive limousine service for individuals, companies and institutions. The company provides its services within the Arab Republic of Egypt, as soon as you arrive at any airport of the Arab Republic of Egypt, you will find the staff of the Company at your service. All our drivers speak all languages for easy interaction with all our customers. Complete disinfection of cars before and after each trip. We provide an alternative car for the customer in the event of malfunctions, God forbid.

  • On time: do not worry about your appointment, flight, meeting
  • Robust vehicles: a wide variety of vehicles to rent, from little compact cars to Chevy cargo vans.
  • Drivers: Best drivers that deal with all situation .
  • Safety:  stay safe on the road just enjoy with your trips
  • luggage: We have the ability to serve you .
  • Full commitment to deadlines and 24-hour service.
  • We have different cars (Elantra – Toyota – Kia Cranes – Mercedes).
  • Our services are provided to the client 24 hours a week.


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