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Outstanding Services

We provide limousine service to all provinces and airports.  Luxury transfer from to all airports by the latest limousines cars.

We care

Rent a car and enjoy , Modern Travels care all things begging with the driver, the vehicles and the road. Just enjoy with your trip and follow your business during the trip.

Name for Quality Vehicles

VIP limousine services, We are committed to deliver service at the highest level for managers, companies and businessmen.

Expert Drivers

Our Drivers has the ability to operate a limousine safely, extensive knowledge of motor vehicle laws and excellent interpersonal , customer service skill, excellent organizational and time management skills. 

24 Hours Support

Our services to rent a limousine from any place, we are provided to the client 24 hours a week. Just call us at any time, we are waiting to serve you.

Luxery Vehicle!

We provide the best prices for companies and individuals for long and short periods of time for different types of cars. We have different cars (Elantra – Toyota – Kia Cranes – Mercedes, …..).


Coupe – Wagon – Minivan – Cabriolet – Limousine – Pickup – Economy -Luxury Car – Compact – Convertible – Mid-Size – Mid-Size SUV – Standard SUV – Full-Size – Full-Size SUV – Premium – Mini Van


What Do You Know About Us

We are proud to provide our services with modern, comfortable and safe cars of the best brands and models, with a team of drivers who are well trained on the best ways and means of driving, and dealing with different conditions.

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